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High Conviction Traders is a tribe of traders whether full time or part time, it does not matter. It is a community which makes every attempt to understand the species in the trading universe which in turn make them understand what it takes to be a trader. How an amateur trader becomes a Conviction trader and then high conviction & Professional trader who in turn transforms in to a successful wealthy trader.

Herein trading community the traders do also learn & share their own knowledge & experiences to the co traders & betterment of the community.

We strive to help a trader to establish his own trading style with advanced tools, techniques, methods & systems because Successful trading is boring for which you need consistency & persistency because we avoid noise?


Chandrakant Deo

  • Equity Trading Strategist

  • 15 years Experience

  • Technical Analyst

  • Author of Traders Blog

Our Values

  • Knowledge sharing :
    KnowlEDGE always has an EDGE over everything else, eventually it leads to Success

  • Investing Time :
    “We invest our today to enrich your tomorrow”

  • Winning Mindset :
    A strong winning mindset is what we exhibit

  • Excellence
    We chase Excellence so that it can make difference in lives of anybody who is associated with us

  • Integrity
    We endorse superlative quality of integrity in all our actions

  • Respect
    We value our people as well as our associates with that we encourage them for development

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