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Do join us for 4 hour seminar and learn to EARN HANDSOME TRADING INCOME

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Are your profitable trades LESS & losing trades MORE

How to turn your problems into Profits

In this seminar, I commit, You will learn

  • How to Trade Independently with Accuracy

  • How to make your Unique Trading Strategy

  • How to Earn 6 figure Trading Income

  • Bonus : A Surprise Gift for Traders

Seminar Schedule

Date:  Saturday 22nd December, 2018
Time: 9 am–1 pm
Venue : Hotel Archana, Near R mall, Mulund West
Investment: Rs 2500/- (incl Breakfast)
Limited Seats

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About HighConvictionTraders

High Conviction Traders is a tribe of traders whether full time or part time, it does not matter. It is a community which makes every attempt to understand the species in the trading universe which in turn make them understand what it takes to be a trader. How an amateur trader becomes a Conviction trader and then high conviction & Professional trader who in turn transforms in to a successful wealthy trader.

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Trader’s Quote

” Patience & Temperament With Right Strategy Are The Essential Qualities For Winning The Supernormal Reward In Trading.”

Chandrakant Deo

“A Strategic Trader, Waits For The Right Time And When The Time Comes He Never Miss It. Like Egret.”

Chandrakant Deo

“The Hardcore Traders Become Wealthy By Exploiting Their Exceptional Trading Skills, Tools And Strategies.”

Chandrakant Deo

“In Trading Tools Are Resources And You Can’t Afford To Have Obsolete.”

Chandrakant Deo

” Only The Game, Can Teach You The Game.”

Jesse Livermore

“To Win The Game, You Need To Be In The Game And To Remain In The Game You Need To Fight Small Small Battles, With Yourself.”

Chandrakant Deo